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I’ve been trying to work on my novel tonight without success. I figure if I can’t get my word count in that way, I can certainly write a blog post. That’ll get me at least 500 words today.

But, the truth is, I’m tired.

I’m tired because, in the month of October, my wife and I: found a new house to live in, went to the desert for 6 days, packed All The Things (with much help from our awesome coven mates), re-homed a cat, moved cats, and my wife moved to a new job situation. I also did a church service somewhere in that time as well.

I’m tired because, after all the moving was done, I got sick (and so did the wife). This isn’t too surprising given all the stress stuff mentioned above.

It’s also been one of those times where I get tired of fighting the good fight. There are days where I just get tired of being politically correct. I get tired of thinking carefully about what I say or write because I might offend someone. I get tired of watching people be so angry all the time, or people finding things to be angry about. I get tired of hearing about how our government sucks, this or that thing is bad for you, support such and such a cause, reblog this, share that, and if you don’t do all these things you’re a big fat meanie mean person!!!!11eleventy!!!!

To be honest: there are times, like the last few days especially, when I just want to pack it all in, hide under the covers, and refuse to come out. You all can handle the world. I’m just going to close the door and pretend nothing is happening.

Eventually, though, if I take care of myself right, things will slow down and I’ll feel up to facing the world again. And a good deal of that self care is knowing when it’s ok to say: “I cannot be your pastor today.” or “I need to take a nap now.” or “I’m going to stay off Facebook for the week.” or “I think I’ll walk away from this thread.” or “I will not hit send.” or “I’ll stay home today.”

It’s a hard thing to admit sometimes, especially when things need doing. I’m no good to anyone, though, if I’m freaking out myself. All that’ll do is cause more trouble. Or make me sick.

So, I’ve been resting most of this week. And trying to write. One thing I’ll remember though is not to be too hard on myself for not doing as much as my mind thinks it should be doing.

Because, really, I’m still pretty tired.

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I am currently sitting in my new office, aka TWIH Headquarters, with my computer and sound system set up. The wife is in the other room on her computer doing some work. I have my podcasting equipment partially set up, although it needs a few tweaks to make it work right. I have a phone meeting shortly about an interfaith service that’s happening this month.

Life keeps going forward despite the upheaval of moving house.

Tomorrow is our last round of hired moving help. The cleaner’s clean the old house early Friday morning. After that, we will officially be done with the place.

There are boxes everywhere. The kitties are happy and curious, liking the fact that they now have many windows to look out of and towers of boxes to sleep on.

We have one frying pan because the movers didn’t move our kitchen gear in the first round. But, I was able to make our first breakfast this morning (that wasn’t a Cliff bar) and make the wife her coffee. Tea kettle and tea is packed somewhere, which was kind of sad, but I can live without tea until everything gets here.

In a few more days, though, it’ll be November, with a whole new project for me. I’m doing NaNoWriMo this year: 50,000 written words in 30 days. It’s a little bit of an intimidating goal, but I want to do it. I want to write this novel that I’ve been batting around in my head for the last year or so. I think some of the intimidation of the goal is that I tend to get caught up in telling myself that my words are meaningless, or that I’m boring, or the story is stupid. I know I’m not the only one to feel that way when writing, and I know that it also stems from a lot of old tapes, but it’s there, and it’s real, so I try to accept that while still pushing ahead.

But I will do this. I want to write and finish this novel!!

(Any support, cheerleading, prayers, etc for me while I embark on this crazy endeavor would be greatly appreciated! :) )

Oh, and this week’s TWIH will be a special Samhain edition! Mage of Machines and I hope you enjoy it!

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